Wellness Coaching

Rose is a certified health and wellness coach with Wellcoaches School of Coaching.  Wellcoaches is an organization in partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.  Rose’s experience as a coach enables her to assist clients in developing a personalized vision and plan to achieve goals. A three month goal is short enough to enlist a sense of urgency and long enough to sustain change.  

Sometimes a coach is necessary because trying to do something without needed support and accountability most likely results in futility.  A coach can help in the following areas:

  • Recognizing the need to make a change in one’s life for the better
  • Starting slowly where the client is currently at in their life
  • Using strengths to achieve goals and stay focused
  • Addressing obstacles and finding ways to overcome them
  • Encouraging a positive outlook and hope for the future outcome

Rose has also used coaches and mentors in her life when obtaining goals such as her body building show preparation, public speaking, EFT (emotional freedom technique) certification and nutrition consultant for body composition.  Rose believes in the power of coaching and having someone to cheer you on as goals are achieved. Whether it is to reduce stress, eat healthier, engage in more physical activity or the need to stay focused on a goal then Coach Rose is the one for you.  

Please contact me for a free initial 15-minute consultation. https://calendly.com/rosescottforlife/15min