Speaking Consultant

Communication involving speaking and writing has always come naturally to Rose however she wanted to polish her speaking skills and became involved with Toastmasters International, an organization known for creating professional speakers and leaders.  Some previous notable members of Toastmasters include Chris Matthews of Hardball, Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich, William Bennett former premier of British Columbia, Canada and Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek.

Toastmasters has enabled Rose to deliver over 50 speeches, serve in leadership roles and manage various Toastmasters clubs over the years.  Rose was also awarded 1st place in a speech contest.  She is a Distinguished Toastmaster which is the highest level of achievement and honor that a Toastmaster can obtain.  

Her speaking style is positive, motivational and inspirational.  Rose loves to involve the audience in her talks and presentations to ensure that they are listening for effective feedback. She has been speaking professionally for the last 5 years.  

Due to her involvement with Toastmasters International, companies have hired her to speak to their organizations and she has worked as a speaker/consultant. Rose has spoken at organizations such as Fresno Unified School District, Valley Children’s Hospital and Schneider Electric.

Whether you are looking for a speaker to talk about health and employee wellness topics such as work/life balance, time management, physical activity or employee health and productivity, Rose has experience speaking in these key areas to corporations. Please contact her for more information.