Client Reviews & Testimonials

Margaret Lozano

I am 86 years old and exercising with Rose has been good for me in so many ways. Exercise has helped my legs to get stronger so that I can do work around the house, go to the grocery store on my own and climb onto the high step of my son’s truck. Exercise has helped with the numbness in my feet that accompanies my diabetes plus it has helped with the doctor lowering my dosage of prednisone for my giant cell enteritis. The doctor is going to check me again next week and perhaps take me off of prednisone for good! I have lost inches due to exercise and my pants are very loose. I recommend Rose as a trainer and she has taught me a lot about exercise, healthy eating and has shared some delicious recipes with me.

Christopher Bundros Clovis, CA

My wife and I have been using the services of Rose Scott, Certified Personal Trainer.
I can truthfully say that I don’t know how we could manage our improvement by ourselves, and Rose is such a caring support. She is helping us improve our eating habits and activity levels. Rose is not having us “diet.” Rather, the method that Rose uses is quite painless because she believes that we should enjoy our lives. Our goals are weight loss, improved sleep, body toning and strengthening, and generally an improvement in the quality of life. Rose is a professional who does not teach lose-weight- fast gimmicks. She helps us to change our lifestyle so that the changes are long-lasting. Since I have started with Rose (only 3 sessions now), I have lost five pounds, increased my strength, and slimmed my waistline. Most importantly, however, is my improved mood and a general feeling of health and well-being.


Jo Ann Franks, Hair Stylist

Rose is a very inspiring and motivational trainer. She has taught me the value of eating healthfully while I still get to enjoy the foods I like so that I can live a long life. Rose goes the extra mile and has taken me on a shopping trip to the grocery store and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and knowledge that she shared with me. Rose is good with connecting the mind and the body and this helps me to embrace the journey to good health. She communicates in a way that is easy to understand, gets to the point and makes our sessions enjoyable.


Claudia Arias, Administrative Assistant

I have been training with Rose for a few months now. She has encouraged me to set goals and work towards them. Rose has also educated me on the value of proper nutrition. I am grateful to have found a supportive coach and trainer that truly understand my needs and as a result, I have lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks. I had reconstructive leg surgery and Rose set up special exercises to help me to be healthier but not too hard to overwhelm my body. Since exercising with her, I have noticed that the pain in my leg has been reduced. She has given me exercises and stretches to help make my daily tasks at work more efficient.

Judy S. Risley, Author, and Motivational Speaker 

"I first asked Rose Scott for guidance on how to regain upper body strength after experiencing ten years of nerve damage pain and the results of the necessary pain medications and accompanying weakness. I imagined that it would be a lengthy process at my age of 70 years of age. Rose actually took the time to get to know me: my overall physical, psychological and emotional health history. She then prepared a Vision Statement and Three-Month Schedule for the accomplishment of my initial goals. That Statement and Schedule were the inspiration I needed to reaffirm that what I sought was totally possible. Then she followed up on repeat visits with the exercises, psychological and emotional support she is able to provide as a result of her whole body wellness beliefs and education. I eventually was able to proceed on my own with her continued updates, and today, at the age of 72, I can say that with Rose's assistance I was able to surpass all my initial expectations and more.”


Kevin and Carolyn Hamilton

“My wife and I have been working with Rose for the last 6 years and our lives are better for it. So far I have lost over 70 pounds and feel better than I have in years. My doctor has reduced my blood pressure and cholesterol medication to the lowest dose possible and tells me I’ve added at least 10 years to my life! Rose prepared my wife and me for back surgery and recovery in 2014. We are both convinced that our quick recovery and return to professional life wouldn’t have been possible without Rose’s focused physical training, nutrition advice and support. We highly recommend Rose Scott as a trainer.”

Shann Connor

“Rose has been excellent for my 75-year-old mother. 2 months ago my mom could barely stand up under her own power and she could barely get in bed by herself. I was looking into surgery to fix her painful back. Rose comes to my home twice per week; my mom has lost 15 pounds and I haven’t even changed her diet. The surgery was postponed and she hasn’t fallen in several weeks. An investment in her health that has been so well worth it! It was better than any physical therapy we did last year.”

Dr. Travis Ryan

"I have sent patients to Rose for the past few years. She has a great ability to understand a person's health goals and knows how to get results. Patient's have come back to me with nothing but positive things to say about the way Rose has helped them with strengthening, weight loss, and overcoming barriers to a healthier life. I highly recommend her as a trainer and positive influence in one's life."


Thelma Sohm

“I am 91 years young and have been working with Rose for the past 7 months. I used to see my doctor every 3 months and now he only wants to see me every 6 months; he told me that I was in excellent health. I had a rheumatic fever in my wrist and those aches and pains are now gone thanks to Rose. I recently took a mild fall while I was away with my family over the holidays. The soreness in my leg healed in 2 weeks instead of months because of my physical training with Rose. My son has also commented that I am getting stronger and able to get in and out of his car much better. My balance has also improved.”


Ellen Sharp

I have been working with Rose Scott for the past 5 months and she has been helping me with balance and overall body strength.  Recently my neighbor’s big dog jumped on me to greet me and I did not lose my balance and fall backward.  I am 88 years old and Rose has done amazing work with me.  I feel stronger and can do some of the things that I could not do before such as opening a jar, walking around and picking up things correctly without straining my back.  Overall, I would highly recommend Rose