About Rose

Rose Scott started out her weight loss journey as an obese teenager. This was the result of a sedentary lifestyle and improper food choices. She lost 60 pounds and soon found herself struggling to maintain her new weight throughout her young adult life. This led to a cycle of yo-yo dieting and increasing weight gain. Rose was on a quest and spent time at the gym learning about exercise while reading and studying materials on proper nutrition in her spare time. 

Always hearing that it was hard to lose weight after having children, Rose refused to give up. Determined to lose the weight and be able to play with her children without experiencing back pain, she slowly made healthy lifestyle choices and varied her exercise routine. Today, Rose is helping her clients achieve their goals to be healthy and manage pain. She can be found alongside her clients exercising and encouraging them. She focuses on proper form and technique which helps to prevent injury, encourage recovery, obtain lean muscle growth thereby promoting health and longevity.