Week 4: Cravings and Morning Boost

February 5, 2018 - I meet with Jim and ask him to measure my body fat only
since I am not comfortable getting on the scale. My menstrual cycle is coming this
week and I know that I have retained water weight. I am craving chocolate and
discover that Lily’s chocolate is keto friendly and is sweetened with stevia and
erythritol. In case you are wondering, I have been taking a magnesium
supplement daily and consuming foods with magnesium. Craving chocolate is a
symptom of low magnesium in the body. Jim says that I have lost 1.5” of body fat
and this gives me hope.
I start to read more articles and watch a few YouTube videos such as Thomas De
Lauer and Dr. Eric Berg who are both keto diet enthusiasts. I am drinking lemon
water daily to prevent gout and kidney stones due to the excess animal fat in my
diet. In fact Thomas De Lauer has a great morning recipe consisting of 8-10 oz of
water with half lemon, 2 TBSP apple cider vinegar, a dash of cayenne pepper and
honey if you like. I prefer to use Stevia as my sweetener since it 0 gm
carbohydrate. This drink helps me with my metabolism, liver function and fat
burning. I usually consume 2 cups of green tea per day after my drink and then I
start my home workout.
I notice that sometimes my joints ache a bit and decide to tweak my diet next week
by eliminating red meat and reducing the dairy. I may use a TBSP of organic butter
from cows who have been pasture raised and grass fed as wells as the occasional
slice of cheese on a salmon burger.

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