Week 13: Metabolism Slow Down

I have been getting comments from my clients that I look skinny.  It is time for me to visit Jim again to weigh in and get “pinched”.  When I visit Jim, I am on Day 2 of a 60 hour water fast and feeling great.  My weight is at 140 pounds and body fat is 15.8%. I was at 14% body fat 4 years ago when I was bodybuilding and competing.  Although my body fat has decreased again, my metabolism has slowed down and the weight is coming off very slowly. This is most likely due to the body’s set point weight and its preference to want to maintain the new weight.  My next blog will discuss set-point weight in more detail. 

Jim decides to tweak my protein, carbohydrates and fats again.  He also makes a good point that I am probably not feeling like eating on the keto diet since I am very satiated from the food.  This is true. He gives me good news: go home stay on the ketogenic diet and on Saturday, you can eat whatever you like but you must have a baked potato or rice to come out of ketosis for that day.  The reasoning behind this is my metabolism needs to be tricked and jump-started again and not feel like it is in conservation mode.  Since I am building muscle this is part of the cyclic ketogenic diet.  I agree to give this a try. He also has me commit to doing at least 45 minutes daily of steady state cardiovascular exercise.

I am currently dieting for my vacation and birthday celebration next month and decide to have a baked potato with barbecue chicken for dinner.  I will eat healthy foods and “carb up” on strawberries with sugar-free whipped cream,pistachios and a protein bar. These are just some of the foods that I love and have not eaten in awhile.The most important thing is to increase my calories for the day. I want to eat healthy and have a good, solid work out. Jim has informed me that one of his clients had the same problem and he told him to eat pancakes.  I am not ready to add gluten into my diet at the moment but will probably do so on vacation. I will put myself back into ketosis on Sunday and continue the ketogenic diet for the week. 



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