Resolution or Solution?

Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone had an enjoyable holiday with their loved ones.  It is now the beginning of 2019 and this is the time when most people make resolutions regarding what changes they would like to see in their life.  For some persons, it may involve eating healthier and exercising, while others may want to shed a few pounds or quit a bad habit.  These resolutions are eagerly pursued however people tend to dwindle after a few months of seeing minimal results.  This is why resolutions do not work.

The answer is to make a resolution and then have a solution.  A resolution is a conscious statement whereas a solution involves solving a problem by methodically taking steps that will allow an obtainable result.  In order to win, one has to have a solution because this entails getting to the heart of the matter and preventing relapse of bad habits to show up and ruin progress.  The key to a solution involves examining the cause of unhealthy eating, lack of exercise or reduced strength and pain. It is best to dig deeper and discover the reasons “why”, take action steps by implementing a solution and then make this a permanent lifestyle change. 

For example, Individual A likes to snack on cookies and chips late at night due to stress.  He wants to break this bad habit.  Therefore, he stops buying cookies and chips and substitutes these foods for apple slices, carrot and celery sticks with humus or nut butter.  When the need for late-night snacking arises, he turns his attention away to an activity such as meditation, takes the dog for a walk, brushes his teeth or snacks on the healthier alternative.  He may also consider drinking a glass of cold water for hydration.  Finally, he decides to eat a good meal involving healthy fat, carbohydrate and protein a few hours before going to bed so that there will be less desire for snacking.

As you reflect on the year ahead, please think of ways to find a solution and take action steps in the form of SMART goals (specific, measurable, action-based, realistic and time-lined).  Have a happy, healthy New Year!


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