May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month

Do you have a loved one with osteoporosis?  If so, exercise is a great way to strengthen the bones and muscles to prevent falls and fractures that are common to people with this disease. Fractures can occur in the hip, spine or wrist.  I have worked with clients that have osteoporosis and some of the exercises that I emphasize are seated lat pulls, toe raises, heel drops, power stands, prone back extensions, wrist flexion and extension as well as balance and postural exercises.  I have seen improvements in my clients especially with bone density scans and their subsequent test results have shown no decline in bone density which is great news for them. One of my clients currently in her 90’s fell 2 years ago while vacationing with her son and did not break any bones. She only had minor bruising and was grateful for her exercise program. 

 It is very important to continuously emphasize correct posture and breathing while exercising since the body wants to revert to a kyphotic posture.  The chest should be opened up and stretched accordingly. It is very important to avoid any exercise that promotes spinal flexion such as sit ups or any twisting movements.  Wearing a weighted vest while walking and performing exercise is also a recommendation however if there is a severe curvature of the spine then it is best to wear a weighted belt around the waist. Consuming foods and taking calcium supplements recommended by a doctor or dietician can also prove helpful for bone formation.  Please contact me to find out how I can help with osteoporosis by phone at (559) 997-6580 or email


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