Keeping Healthy in the Golden Years

It has been said that “if you take care of your body now, your body will take care of you in the future.” People approaching retirement would like to find ways to enjoy the fruits of their labor without being sick or bedridden. Sadly, there are many seniors taking several prescription drugs for various conditions.  Exercise has been proven to help lower the dosage of certain medications due to its positive effects on the body.  For example regular exercise and a healthy diet can reduce the need for a high dosage of blood pressure and cholesterol medication. Please check with a primary care physician since there can be negative effects with suddenly stopping or reducing medication without doctor supervision. 

Beneficial exercises include balance and core exercises because falling and breaking a hip is one of the greatest fears of seniors. Strength training using dumb bells and resistance bands helps to slow down age-related muscle loss. Resistance training exercises also help to strengthen weakened bones and improve bone density.  Stretching helps to increase flexibility and mobility in the joints. Myofascial release involving light massage helps to loosen tight muscles. I have seen excellent results in my senior clients including quick recovery from minor falls, stronger arms, legs and core, osteoporosis, balance and depth perception. I have also enjoyed listening to positive reports from the doctor on overall health and strength in clients. Please contact me for assistance with a senior loved one.

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