How to Improve Body Posture

Having good posture is important for our health and well-being simply because poor posture can lead to chronic health issues such as neck and shoulder pain, back and foot problems plus fatigue. The body is an interconnected chain all linked together. If one vertebra is out of alignment or the muscles of the body are unevenly balanced then pain or curvature of the spine may result such as sciatica or osteoporosis.

 An example of incorrect posture is found in upper cross syndrome where the shoulders are rounded forward due to tightness in upper back, chest and trapezius muscles.  These muscles need to be stretched and the weaker muscles of the rotator cuff, mid-back and rear deltoids would need to be strengthened.  There are other posture anomalies such as lower cross syndrome, sway back, etc.

Perfect posture would entail the pelvis and spine being in a neutral position with the ears just slightly over the shoulders.  The hips would be over the heels while standing with both arms at the side of the body and the legs shoulder-width apart.

Posture can be improved by identifying the problem and doing corrective exercises, sitting properly when working at a computer desk and standing with the spine erect and in a neutral position.  A physical therapist or chiropractor can perform corrective therapy whereas a personal trainer can strengthen the weak areas via exercise and stretch the tight muscles. Please click on the link below to see my video on upper cross syndrome or you may go to my website and click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the page.


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