Heart Health and Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the day when we celebrate the people we love by giving small gifts and tokens of appreciation. While that is lovely, let’s not forget that the love we feel for others comes from our heart and our heart is a miraculous organ in the body.  It pumps blood throughout the body and keeps us alive.  The heart is also a very powerful muscle which we can strengthen via exercise and even some diseases of the heart can benefit however it is best to seek the advice and approval of a doctor before engaging in any exercise program.  I have worked with people that have heart conditions and seen remarkable results. Our heart usually maintains a steady beat but certain things can disrupt its rhythm such as loud music with a faster tempo or stress which can cause the heart to beat faster and sometimes erratic.  Exercise does cause the heart to beat faster but it is much different in the way it works.  Dr. Meagan Wasfy a cardiologist at Harvard states that,

 “Ischemic preconditioning (exercise) …hear about routinely from patients with heart disease who exercise.  They start out on a run but feel tired or have angina fairly quickly, so they walk for a few minutes but once they start running again, it feels remarkably easier on the second try.”  Dr. Wasfy refers to this as “warm-up angina”. 

Retrieved from https://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/the-many-ways-exercise-helps-your-heart

According to the HeartMath Institute, an organization that studies the heart,

“The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an (EEG)…magnetic component of the heart’s field is around 100 times stronger than produced by the brain and can be measured several feet away from the body with Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SUID) based magnetometers.”

Retrieved from https://www.heartmath.org/research/research-library/energetics/energetic-heart-bioelectromagnetic-communication-within-and-between-people/

This simply states that our emotions can be felt by others. For instance, we can feel love toward a newborn baby or a significant other and they will respond accordingly. If we are feeling sad, angry or depressed our children and pets can detect this emotion coming from the magnetic field of our heart and they will respond accordingly.  It is best to try and stay in a positive state of mind and project good feelings around us so that others will gravitate toward us. Feel the love and strengthen your heart.

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