4 Activities That Don’t Feel Like Exercise

Wouldn’t it be nice to just do something fun and not have to worry about getting your quota of steps in for the day or engage in exercise?  This blog is for those persons that do not like to exercise but realize that it is something they should be doing.  Our bodies were designed to move and here are 4 activities that you can do and sneak in some exercise.

  1. Gardening – when we tend to a beautiful garden of flowers, fruit and vegetables there is a euphoria that is produced by the lush vegetation. Pruning a rose garden or harvesting vegetables means engaging the core muscles to not strain the back in addition to exercising the legs and arms. Mowing the lawn with a push mower will also give a great workout.  
  1. Shopping – this refers to shopping in a new location. There is a lot of walking involved to become familiar with the new stores in addition to carrying shopping bags. The whole body is getting exercise which can lead to soreness the next morning if a stretching routine is not engaged in afterward.
  1. Concert/Live Band – attending a concert or live band with your favorite artist can get those toes tapping and cause one to get up and dance. Just simply tuning into your favorite music at home can produce the same effect and work out those legs, hips and arms.
  1. Play active video games with kids – Most video game consoles have a game that involves moving around and having fun. There are sports games, dance games and other games.  Just find something that you like and have fun.   

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