3 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month and some of you may know a person who has battled this disease and survived.  Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women.  Someone that I knew died at a young age from this disease leaving 2 young children and a husband behind.  I have also known clients and friends who have overcome this disease and continue to live a long life.  Two of my clients are breast cancer survivors and are well into their 80’s and 90’s.  This disease can be overcome.  Here are some ways to prevent breast cancer from occurring. 

  • Smoking and Drinking Alcohol – There are many carcinogens in a package of cigarettes that there are warning labels posted on each box. Smoking including second-hand smoke should be avoided at all costs and especially by pregnant women or people that have lung conditions such as asthma.  Drinking high amounts of alcohol has a negative effect on the body and it is treated like a poison. Alcohol is removed from the body first and the processing of other macronutrients takes last place hence the body will ignore the food eaten because it is too busy trying to rid the system of alcohol.
  • Exercise – Exercise has many benefits including maintaining a healthy weight, helping the body to remove toxins, preventing many diseases including cancer. Exercise can also be performed by people with cancer to enhance healing with a doctor’s approval.
  • Stress – This is probably one of the most overlooked and rarely mentioned ways to prevent cancer. When I spoke with one of my clients who survived breast cancer, she informed me that she contracted the disease shortly after her divorce because she was left with raising 4 children on her own and was highly stressed.  Another person that I knew who was not successful at fighting the disease died due to stressors at work, home and finances. She was a single mother trying to raise several children while performing shift work as a nurse.  Consider handling stress by exercising, meditation, EFT, yoga, tai chi, taking a walk, reading a book, listening to classical music or whatever works for you.

I am a certified emotional freedom technique practitioner and EFT has been proven as method to relieve stress.  Please contact me for further details at rose@rsforlife.com or visit my website for more information https://rsforlife.com/.


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