3 Stretches that Can Be Performed at Work

A proper stretching routine should be incorporated into every exercise program.  Stretching is important and helps to increase range of motion, improves posture, reduces stress and helps to prevent injuries.  Simple stretching exercises can even be performed in the office or home.  Stretching has a calming effect on the mind which will help with better mental clarity and creativity.  Always remember to breathe normally while stretching to allow the oxygen to flow.

Here are 3 stretches that can be performed at a desk or in a chair:

  • Thigh (# 11) – Sit in a chair with arms relaxed at sides of chair and lift 1 or 2 legs up and level with the floor. Hold for 20 seconds.


  • Side Stretch (# 6) – Stand with legs wider than shoulder width apart. Place right hand on chair and left hand up in the air leaning slightly to the right.


  • Upper Back & Chest (# 10) – Sit with both feet on the ground and interlock fingers straight in front and turn hands outward. Bring both arms back to sides of chair, extending chest outward and head tilted slightly up.

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